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Shariah Banking Opportunities

Unlock the potential of your real-time data to make faster, smarter decisions with TIBCO.

The future of Islamic Banking is invisible, inclusive and sustainable.

  • Invisible
    Rise in CSG and Shariah practices anchored in benefiting the community and social prosperity
  • Inclusive
    New generation of consumers are digital & non-Muslim
  • Sustainable
    Internationalisation and standardisation of risk participation to support long term sustainable goals

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Leaders in every industry are unlocking the potential of their data in extraordinary ways.



Use TIBCO cloud integration to drive innovation and create engaging customer experiences. Quickly connect any endpoint using TIBCO Connectors to modern and legacy business applications, data sources, and more

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Use TIBCO Data Virtualization software, the customer improved data delivery and can now lead the charge for digital lifestyle banking, where customers can perform all banking activities on a mobile device.

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Infinite custom connections via rich APIs, let customer analyse all the data needed for the most powerful insights. In-memory, in-DB, data streams, data-on-demand. Spotfire software supports it all for real-time contextual analysis.

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Efficient and time-saving data collection, analysis, interpretation & more.



Our platform can co-exist without impacting your existing campaigns.

Real-Time Engagement

Real-Time Engagement

Engage and make business decisions in real-time with your customers.



Realise new revenue streams through personalised services to your customers.


How can Bank Islam be at the forefront of Shariah Banking

Are you moving at the pace of change?

To diversify revenue streams and build a more sustainable income model, it is crucial that Bank Islam is able to adapt to the ever changing needs of their clients.

Building a unified customer profile with data is crucial to understand customer segments and provide innovative solutions & services to customers.

  • In real-time
  • Personalized advice and recommendations
  • Gamification
  • Social-ethical halal credits
  • Sustainable long term investing
The Ecosystem Economy

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The rise of Shariah Ecosystem opens to a new pool of customers

In this SuperApp environment, the data touch points of millennials and non-traditional Islamic banking customers is vastly different. At the point-of-consumption and banks will face the pressure to differentiate.

To be a leader and capitalise the ecosystem services, Bank Islam must be embedded in high value touch points to deliver value added Halal service experiences to customers.

Close the value gap on initiatives with actionable insights

With TIBCO, Bank Islam can connect to ecosystem partners and get real-time data and build a unified customer data.

Real-time analytics gives you the insight to quickly respond and take action to maximise returns on each initiative.

Digital progression is a marathon, not a sprint.

Set up your digital transformation for success to minimise the value gap for each new initiatives. Technology can help you to better cater to Muslim clients banking needs.

By understanding and building customer profiles through data allows you to offer real-time and personalised services. Bank Islam will be able to diversify their revenue streams and build a more robust and sustainable income model.

Right now, customers are interacting with Bank Islam at multiple channels and touchpoints across their consumption ecosystem.

Collecting and analysing customers behaviour pattern is critical in unlocking the potential for Bank Islam to make better business decision. Taking more effective strategies to retarget, upsell and/or cross-sell to customers.


Bank Islam's future value drivers



Omnichannel digitisation through various programs to deliver customer centric experience in a Shariah-compliant ecosystem that is scalable.

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Grow a mass affluent personalised experience and advice through rapid innovation to capture growth opportunities.

Real Economy

Real Economy

Diversified revenue streams and build a more sustainable income model in a Shahriah-compliant ecosystem.

Value-based Culture

Value-based Culture

Grow financing portfolio in the Halal economy with a unified customer data to make faster decisions and advice.


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